Chen Rozenshtein (PhD)

Lidor Elias (Masters)

Ziv Ben David (Masters)

Eden Shuker (Masters)

Idan Toker (Masters)

Moshe Hanukoglu (Masters)

Noam Simon (Masters)



Dr. Simon Shamoun (PostDoc) – Route acquisition in dynamic ad-hoc networks (2013)

Priel Levy (PhD) - Optimal Contest Design for Multi-Agent Systems (2019)

Eran Shaham (PhD, co-advisor: Boaz Ben Moshe) – Mining Co-clustering of Lagged Data (2014)

Igor Rochlin (PhD) – Information sharing in multi-agent cooperation with self-interested agents (2015)

Avshalom Elmalech (PhD) - Overcoming people's irrationality using agents (2016)

Chen Hajaj (PhD, co-advisor: Avinatan Hassidim) - Intelligent mechanisms and modern markets platforms (2016)

Shani Alkobi (PhD) – Information Providers and Value of Information in multi-agent systems (2017)

Itai Nahum (Masters) – The “snow plough” problem (2010)

Uri Goren (Masters) – Repeated Pandora’s problem with memory (2011)

Shai Shlomai (Masters, co-advisor: Sarit Kraus) - FAR- a new Fusion Along Routing method (2011)

Avshalom Elmalech (Masters) - Restructuring decisions to improve agent search (2011)

Gal Miller (Masters) – Combined ERS and BERS route discovery (2013)

Shani Alkobi (Masters, co-advisor: Esther David) – On the choice of obtaining and disclosing the common value in auctions (2013)

Israel Sofer (Masters, co-advisor: Avinatan Hassidim) - Negotiation in exploration-based environment (2013)

Nadav Sofi (Masters) - Effective deadlock resolution with self-interested partially-rational agents (2013)

Shahar Kosti (Masters, co-advisor: Gal Kaminka) - Intelligent user interface for multi-robot search (2013)

Lea Peretz (Masters) - Advanced service schemes for a self-Interested information platform (2014)

Moshe Mash (Masters) - Joint search with self-interested agents and the failure of cooperation enhancers (2014)

Priel Levy (Masters) – Intelligent advice provisioning for collaborative settings (2015)

Luba Golosman (Masters) – Efficiency and fairness in multi-agent cooperation (2016)

Guy Cohen (Masters) – Timing Rating Requests (2019)

Nadav Lisovtsev (Masters) – Building Trust in Iterative Advising (2019)

Michal Habani (Masters) – Minimizing number of interactions with information brokers (2019)

Michael Lipushkin (Masters) – Multi-prize contest design (2019)

Yoav Wizhendler (Masters) - A Preference Prediction for Equivalent Multi-Stage Lotteries (2020)

Ido Nimni (Masters) - Effective Operator Summaries Extraction (2020)

Nir Machlev (Masters) - Crowdworkers Performance as Human-Sensors for Robot Navigation (2020)

Michael Gershtein (Masters) - Approval voting with costly information (2020)

Alon Stern (Masters, co-advisor: Sarit Kraus) - A Negotiating Strategy for a Hybrid Goal Function in Multilateral Negotiation (2020)

Or Zipori (Masters) - Strategic Recommendation in Short-Horizon MABs (2021)

Yuval Dishi (Masters) - Training Set Augmentation for Predicting Crowdworker’s Attention in Monitoring Tasks (2021)

Reut Asraf (Masters) - Failure-aware agents (2022)